Our Projects

Over the last 15 years, we have successfully restored more than 5,000 acres of wildlife habitat, generating credits and ensuring our clients meet their compensatory mitigation needs. These projects not only satisfy environmental mitigation requirements, but also build community relationships for years to come.

Portland Harbor

RestorCap is implementing an urban restoration project within Portland Harbor, Oregon. Responsible parties involved with the Portland Harbor Superfund site can purchase Natural Resource Damage credits (DSAYs) through the Linnton Restoration site in order to satisfy environmental compliance regulations.

Linnton Plywood Mill 

RestorCap is restoring the former Linnton Mill Site office building to be used to support Willamette River conservation efforts. Nestled between the Willamette River and Forest Park, the mill office was built in 1915 and is now one of the last remaining structures along the Willamette that supported the Portland area timber industry in the 20th century.

Renovating this historic structure plays a critical role in respecting Linnton’s rich history. With plans to offer the building to university students for research and office space to local nonprofits, RestorCap believes future building tenants will create a safe home for the site’s wildlife to flourish.

Scappoose Bay

RestorCap is currently working on design and permitting of 300-acre restoration project that connects Multnomah Channel with Scappoose Bay, north of Portland. The project is designed to provide a variety of mitigation credits including ESA, riparian and wetlands credits. This important project will restore natural riparian habitats, impacting and restoring fish and wildlife habitat for decades to come.

Land Portfolio and Screenings

RestorCap is currently evaluating several thousand acres throughout the US to help determine the portfolio’s natural resource value.  Many of the sites have a complex environmental and regulatory history that need to be factored when assessing a parcel’s economic and restoration value. Reach out to learn more about future projects in your area!