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Our Story

RestorCap was founded in 2005 to connect capital with nature by restoring environmental systems. Recognizing the value of natural capital, we raised private capital to invest in environmental restoration projects, whose product was a “credit” that could be sold in the marketplace.

As a company, RestorCap recognizes the number of stakeholders involved with successfully restoring a polluted site. Projects require a company that builds trust among stakeholders and establishes community relationships. This has allowed RestorCap to grow from a simple conference-room concept to an established leader in the NRD and mitigation banking world.

With a special emphasis on facilitating trust and communication between clients, communities, local jurisdictions and investors, RestorCap successfully navigates the complex field of environmental restoration. The team has worked on dozens of compensatory mitigation, brownfield, restoration, and NRD credit-generating projects throughout the country.

RestorCap’s goal is to provide turnkey solutions to complex restoration problems, largely by assuming the performance and financial risk associated with these complex projects.

Our team of seasoned leaders excels at environmental restoration, eco-financing, and financial and environmental risk management. We pride ourselves at being the nexus between private, economic development and environmental restoration.

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Ready to get started? We’ll help with the entire restoration and credit purchasing process, as well as everything that follows, including full, ongoing management of the restored habitat.