Connecting Capital with Nature

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RestorCap’s technical, regulatory and permitting expertise, combined with financial strength and $1 billion in bonding capacity allows us to undertake complex restoration and redevelopment projects of any size. Our innovative and transformative approach connects capital with nature.

What We Do

We invest in, design and build ecological restoration projects, generating mitigation credits that allow our customers to offset their adverse environmental impacts. We create a better world by turning liabilities into assets, one site at a time. By creating high-functioning habitat, we create safe places for all—wildlife, plants, and people. We create opportunities in every community—now and in perpetuity, while maximizing returns.

Our Approach

We are partners. Each project is an opportunity for us to create solutions. Private capital makes us nimble and our expertise with complex environmental regulations and policy allows us to realize the full potential of every site. We can test ideas and implement solutions to maximize both revenue and habitat quality, because every stakeholder interaction provides an opportunity to learn how to transform risk into innovation.

Our Impact

We build projects today for our grandchildren of tomorrow. We are proud of creating value through stream bank, wetland, and endangered species restoration. We are currently protecting 5,000 acres of environmental assets in perpetuity. And we are just getting started. Let’s talk about how we can get to 50,000.

50+ Miles

- of -

Watersystems protected & restored

100+ Years

- of -

Combined Experience

5000+ Acres

- of -

Land, habitat and wetlands restored 

About Our Firm

RestorCap is innovative, deliberate and trusted. With our expertise in ecological restoration, real estate investments, and environmental policy and regulatory permitting we can simplify the habitat restoration and permitting process for our customers while also creating a green benefit for local communities. We create jobs, we create habitat, we create value.

Mitigation Banks

RestorCap restores and conserves properties around the US and guarantees that they are permanently protected. Our projects generate stream bank, wetland, and endangered species mitigation credits for private and public entities, allowing them to offset their unavoidable ecological damages, focus on their core business, and facilitate green development.

Our Projects

We have restored over 5,000 acres of wildlife habitat and waterways, generating credits, offsetting liabilities, and ensuring our clients meet regulatory requirements. Our projects serve to build community relationships and regenerate the economy as well as the environment.